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Vehicle Barriers


Patriot Group Construction provides design and installation services of ASTM Crash Tested and Department of Defense (DoD) approved passive barrier systems and solutions. These systems provide private, commercial, and government agencies perimeter security with crash ratings of up to M50/P1, stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph upon impact.





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Post + Cable



Passive barrier systems include one or more components of fencing, gates, drop arms, post and cable barriers, bollards, and other architectural components such as boulders. These systems may be designed and installed to become an aesthetic component to a high visibility location or project. Passive barrier systems may also be incorporated into a fully integrated Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Access Control Point (ACP/ECP) include active vehicle barriers and electronic security systems ensuring 100% site protection.


Patriot Group’s inhouse technology and custom software development teams can provide unique programming and custom integrations to ensure each client has the flexibility to exceed all the intended requirements of these systems as well as leverage the wide capabilities of current and future electronic security platforms such as video management and access control systems. 


Patriot Group Construction has extensive experience in the design, installation, programming, and performance testing of Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) solutions. Active vehicle barriers are comprised of various barrier types including wedge, arms, beams, and less than lethal net barriers, to identify a few. These barriers are coupled with signs and signals as well as control systems to provide automated deployment and warning. Barriers can be controlled manually or programmed to deploy upon initiation of certain events such as a vehicle traveling the wrong way or overspeed.

Active vehicle barriers are commonly controlled by custom PLC’s designed and developed to control all system components such as early warning signals, programmed deployment criteria, and many other features. We offer custom PLC construction offsite to ensure each project is deployed timely and efficiently reducing the time our technicians are onsite.

Active vehicle barriers operate as electrohydraulic, all-electric and the latest in industry technology operate on low voltage circuits.


Our engineers are prepared to design an active vehicle barrier solution to meet any need upon request. Barrier systems can be integrated into facility and site-wide access control systems and monitored and deployed from any location.

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